The vision of BOMS is to be a global leading organization for sustainable development of clean power through competent, responsible and innovative values. The mission is to adopt & innovate state-of-the-art technologies and optimize use of natural resources through effective management and to achieve excellence in development of clean power at international standards. BOMS has always aimed to execute & operate projects through efficient and competent contract management and innovative R&D in environment friendly and socio-economically responsive manner. BOMS’s benign approach is visible in the successful completion of hydro projects in the far flung and remote locations of the country.

Due diligence is given by BOMS to execute its projects in an environment friendly and socially responsive manner. This has been achieved through minimum intrusion and usage of natural resources by employing various conservation measures to counter the inescapable impacts on the environment.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study is an integral part of planning of the projects and it integrates various facets of environment i.e. land, air, water, socio-cultural and socio-economics. It is undertaken during investigation stage of a project as per the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MOEF&CC) approved Terms of Reference (ToR), with the objective of identifying, predicting and evaluating the likely environmental and socio-economic impacts on land, flora, fauna, air, water, socio-economic of the area, etc. Problems related to deforestation, soil erosion, sedimentation/ siltation, flood control, fisheries and fish migration, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, rare and endangered species of plants/ animals, socio-economic/socio-cultural and archaeological factors, resettlement & rehabilitation, public health, downstream impacts, etc. are studied in detail and impacts are duly identified in the comprehensive Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report. These impacts are suitably addressed by formulating various mitigative plans in Environment Management Plans (EMP) reports which are appraised by MoEF & CC while according environmental clearance to a project.

Environmental management plans being implemented at various BOMS projects include Compensatory Afforestation in lieu of forestland diverted for the project, Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plan, Biodiversity conservation plan, Fishery Management plan, Landscaping and beautification plan, Green belt development plan in and around project area and reservoir, Restoration of muck disposal and quarry sites, Rehabilitation and Resettlement etc. Further, monitoring of the environmental safeguards and EMPs is undertaken through Project level and Central level monitoring committees. The EMPs help in environmental up-gradation and improvement of the local environment.

BOMS is providing services in infrastructure industry since its inception in the year 2010. BOMS, is providing EPC Solution in Hydro Power, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Power Transmission & Distribution and also in Road & Railway Tunnelling works. BOMS Is One of the first in providing operation and Maintenance Services in Hydro Project with an end to end responsibility and has been recognized for its professional planning and managing the Operations, Repair & Maintenance Services of Hydro Projects. BOMS has Proven track record in understanding the customer requirements and providing innovative and cost effective solutions across various sectors.

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